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How are you feeling about the big change in our district? In my opinion I don’t like it at all! In Laurelville Elementary they are going through some big changes from losing more then 5 teachers to getting no gym. Gym was all the childrens favorite thing to do. And they took that away. Gym was the only thing in the normal school week I looked forward too! Now if I was in the elementary school I would not like school that much anymore.

It’s not just going  be hard on the students, it’s going to be hard for the teachers too! Students are not going to stay as focused next year because they will have to sit in one class room for more then one and a half hours. It’s hard on the teachers because they are forced to teach more then one subjects!

Look at what our school has gone too! (DOWN THE DRAIN!!!!!)     😦


How was your summer? My’n was great, I went to Kings Island and went to a Reds vs Indians game. I injoyed them both.

Comment on this post and let me know how your summer went! I would be happy to know.   Thanks!


My favorite type of house pet is the Cocker Spaniels, or a Basset Hound.

The Cocker Spaniel is hunting dog. It’s strong scent helps them find rabbits as well as birds.The Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized sturdy dog. The head is rounded with a pronounced stop. The muzzle is broad and deep with square even jaws. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The eyeballs are dark, very round with slight almond shaped eye rims. Merle Cocker Spaniels can have blue eyes. The long, low-set ears are well feathered. The topline slopes slightly from the front of the dog to the back and the legs are straight. The tail is docked. Note: docking tails is illegal in most parts of Europe. The dewclaws may be removed. The silky coat is flat or slightly wavy. The hairs are medium length on the body but short and fine on the head. There is feathering on the ears, chest, abdomen and legs. The coat comes in any solid color, black with tan points, merle, solid color with tan points, and parti-color. Examples of Parti color combinations are white with buff or red, white with black, or white with black and tan points. Field lines have shorter coats than show lines. The Cocker Spainel usually lives about 12- 15 years old.

A Basset Hound is a short legged breed.  A Basset Hound is used to hunt rabbit and other small rodents with it’s powerful scent. The name Basset comes from the French word “bas” which means low. Basset Hounds are commonly brown and black and most often spotted, but also exist in varying colors.

I don’t know if I am classy. I need your help to identify me. I’m unknown, I have no clue. AM I CLASSY?????

Classy is holding secrets, also you are nice and sweet. I no a lot of people that are classy. For Example, Sara, Rhianna, Alex, Shala, Micah, Seth, Megan, Cade, Belle and Caitlin.

Those are some people who are, what I call Classy!

“Class is just a word to me because, if you are ranking someone then you are judging them and I don’t think that’s right. You can classify someone about how they act but you don’t know what’s going on that persons life and you don’t know what’s going on in their head.” I think you are so right. Some people have things in life that make them act different when they are away from home then what they would at home. 

Taken from Megan B.

Camp Oty Okwa

Every 6th grader poured into the school parking lot on May 2nd, 2010 at 8:45. Everybody was ready to go on our 6th grade field trip to Camp Oty Okwa. We were all so excited about this place. Mr. McGuire and Mrs. Griffey has been telling us about this wonderful place. And if it is what it sounded like it was going to be the best thing I did all year.

I’ve heard about Camp for at least 3 years now from when my sisters went, and by the way the tell the story the make this place sound awesome. Like when they said the fat man squeeze to go down (I didn’t rely know what that meant but.) Also to listen to Willow he will make some rely good points!

So now every 6th grader at Laurelville was on a bus driven by Brenda, and singing songs. Like, a couple of the songs we sang are; The Wheels On The Bus, Firework by Katy Perry and Grenade by Bruno Mars. After a while you could tell Brenda wasn’t to pleased with our horrible singing. And it kinda got annoying.

Finally once the singing was over we pulled in to Camp Oty Okwa. Everyone was so excited they just all piled up by the windows, to get a great view of this beautiful place. As soon as the doors of the bus opened up all the kids poured out like water busting out of a dam. Everybody was so stunned about this place.

As soon as every one got off the bus we had to get our bags off the horse trailer and go into our lodge. Girls had upstairs and boys had down stairs. When I walked in the lodge I was stunned by how many bunk-beds there were. I say there were at least 28 bunk-beds and 3 showers and 2  bathrooms.

Me and Belle went to the far wall and picked a bunk beside the window. Belle got on the top and I got the bottom. I was still trying to get settled in before everybody pulled out a camera. I didn’t fell like putting anything away so I slid my stuff under the bunk-bed.

Then we all went into a big circle in the middle of the grass field where Willow mad us yell “I AM THE CHI MASTER”, 3 times. I’m not really sure why he did that but it was fun. Then Willow called out the groups, my group was ;Megan B., Stephen D., Tyler W., Mark S., Austin P., Rhianna L., Ashlee J., Chase W.,  and Me. We all went to lunch where they served hamburgers.

Next we sprinted our way with Kristen to Initiatives where we played a couple games. On our way to the games we had to hold hands and make a circle. At first everyone was like “yuck” I don’t want to hold hands with a boy. But at the end of our journey with Kristen everyone was like can we do the cirlce again!   My favorite game was the Spider Web. The Spider Web was a couple ropes tied together to look like a web and you have to get through the ropes without touching them. everyone made it though eventually. But it was a fun experience working together. For example, when it was my turn to go though Stephen offered to get down on his hands and knees and let me stand on his back jump through. I thought that was really unselfish. He could of made someone else like Austin do that but he volunteered to let us, so we did.

Then we headed up to have lunch which was Hamburgers and French fries.. We always have dinner lunch and breakfast conversations. But Chase would not talk along with Tyler  and Mark.

On the first afternoon we had to learn how to do paces in order to find the location of our colored  flags. It was fun working together to find where the flags were. There were 5 groups of 2 working together to find where the flags where and reading about the bugs that were on the front.

Then we had about 30 minutes to play some different games in the gym. At first I was playing basketball, then I seen Megan take off running down the hill and slide in the mud at the bottom. I thought that looked really fun, so I joined her. So I took off running and slide in the mud. It didn’t hurt to bad so I did it again and again until I was covered in mud. I even went head first a couple times.

Then it was off to dinner, I didn’t even have time to change so I left my muddy clothing on and went to the dining hall. Mark was the hopper and he had to make and clean the tables. We had chicken and mashed potato’s for dinner. Once again we had our conversations about what they thought about camp but Tyler, Mark and Chase wouldn’t talk.

That night  I took a shower, then got my PJs on. Then  Alison, Sara and I started a conversation. About an hour later, I got to tired and fell asleep. That morning everybody was staring at me, I didn’t have clue what they were staring at until Sara petted my hair. I was like ohhhh Geeez. Not the hair again. IT WAS A POOF BALL. I didn’t even bother doing anything. I couldn’t tame the beast so I just left it.

That morning we had French Toast Sticks. They were really good. Also we had bacon, which I didn’t really care for.

That morning we went on the Creek study. We learned about different types of waters around the world. Also we learned about different insects, by playing games. Like we had to roll a dice and see how many places you travel as a rain drop. Also I had to play a game where I had to hop in a potato sack from one side to another without getting taged or I was out. I didn’t last long but Shala had to run to the middle, stop and do I push-up without getting touched.

Then we made our way to lunch, and Tyler and Chase were kind of in our conversation. But they still wouldn’t say much. Also we had chicken patties that were really good!

After lunch we had our Native American walk through the woods. We learned about the Mayan culture. Like what foods they ate and what they hunted. Later that day on the Native American walk we learned how to make candles out of wax and water. My candle was big and had flowers in it. Next we made medicine pouches. I didn’t really like doing those cause I was cold, wet and couldn’t feel my fingers. Which really stunk when I came to find out our group had to do the rock wall next.

We got to the gym, where the rock wall was. I was ready to do the rock wall, but yet I didn’t want to miss being a hopper. So I watched and cheered on Austin as he made his way to the top. Then it was my turn, I got my restrainer on and started my way up the wall. At first the gym was full of silence, but then I got stuck but kept going one I got half way there the gym was full of cheering and encouragement. I loved it! It kept pushing me to the top and once I got like 1 foot away from the top I grabbed on to a rock that was lose and it turned so I just went around it. And I made it to the top!

And then I had to leave. I hated leaving, I would have loved to stay to cheer on my team like they did me but I had to leave to hop. So then I went and made some tables. Set the food and was ready for the kids to come in. The rest of the night was a sing along then we went to bed. And the next dad we had to pack up our bags and head home!

Have You Ever Noticed?

Have you ever noticed how many different types of animals there are? There are more then 50 million different types of animals.  But the shark is one of the most amazing animals on earth. They have lived in this planet for more than 450 million years and that single fact makes them incredible. In fact there are more than 73 million sharks that live in the seas.

There are many different types of jungle animals too! There are more then 30 million plants and animals that live in the Tropical Jungle. But my favorite jungle animal is the Monkey. The monkey can be the most exotic animals around. I would like to have a monkey like this but,

And then there’s the house pets, there are a lot of different types of house pets. There are cute and ugly house pets.

There are ugly ones

And there are cute ones.

Poems Need Some Action

In Reading Workshop we are scavenging and trying to find a neat poem that has a lot of verbs. I found a poem that caught my eye, it is called I Am Phoenix by Paul Fleischman.

Some verbs I found in the poem, I picked is

1. Fly
2. Circle
3. Slowly
4. Peer

This poem is perfect for the assignment, of finding verbs in a poem. Also I liked  this poem  because it’s about nature and life of an animal and I love animals.


Computer safety has gotten worse over the years. It just takes one bad person and a child or pre-teen. It’s sad to think that have some people have as bad as minds as they do! Every day at least 1 poor child is getting stalked on the computer, and most of them don’t even know it. It’s really sad to imagine one little child on the computer getting stalked and thinking it’s a friend. Some stalkers may have fake IDs. It’s easy to copy a picture and pretend to be a friend.  So don’t ever try to meet a friend that you met online.

I heard about this girl, November 13 and 14, who got abducted. Her Mom was killed, her little Brother was killed and so was the moms friend. The girl was around the age of 12. She was found in a basement and she was kept for questioning. It’s hard to tell what that bad person did to that poor girl. Unfortunately the parent and little brother, and friend were killed and put into a bag and stuffed into a tree.

So it’s best when someone tries to add you as a friend of Facebook or Myspace, to make sure you know them first.

When my sisters were little they went to Disneyland with Corlee, Katie and Kari and of course Mom. We were mostly there for the water parks and that kind of stuff but we went on the pirate ship. It was sitting on concrete and it was a water park. Corlee was about 3 years old  at the time and didn’t know why there was a hole in the boat.   She went over and stuck her eye in the hole to see what was in it or coming out of it. Then next you know there she was crying because the water shot her in the eyes. I think she learned her lesson.

When my sisters were little my dad went back to his room and came back to find Katie and Kari covered in flour, you know the stuff that looks like salt, yeah. Head to toe.

Another funny time when we were little was when we had cows. These cows were not the friendliest. My sister was about 7. She was going to feed the cow and the cow back up and kicked Katie right in the stomach. It looked like she was air born.

6th Grade Camp

This year the 6th grade classes of Laurelville Elementary is going on a 6th grade field trip to Camp Oty-Okwa. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about Camp Oty Owka. Camp is a place where children can have fun by playing in the mud, or getting to know each other. Finding new friends with your class mates. Camp is a fun place to be ( by what I’ve heard.)

The rock wall is the most exciting place. You see people climb the wall who didn’t believe in themselves, who didn’t think they could. Finding the courage in themselves to climb the wall, maybe the courage they didn’t know they had. (Said Mr. McGuire)

I want to do the fat man squeeze. I hope nobody gets sent home, that would not be good to be sent home in the middle of Camp. But I can’t wait.My sisters have been telling me about there trip to 6th grade camp since 2008. Like ” I liked doing The Tree Climb and The Fat Man Squeeze.”

The part about 6th grade camp is it’s after the OAA. So no more stressing over that, and after the OAA Mrs. Bowlby can stop stressing over how we do!

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